About Us

Forever Monroe's is a luxury rose boutique located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in Forever Rose bouquets composed of real roses that are preserved to last 3 to 5 years. Each bouquet is handmade in California and delivered in one of our hand crafted boxes. We ship all of our rose bouquets nationwide and offer local delivery to select cities in the East Bay!

We take pride in partnering with farms that are certified members of the Rain Forest Alliance organization. We use only the highest quality roses which are grown in the best farms in the world, located in the high mountains of Ecuador. Ecuador is known for its high elevation, volcanic soil rich in plant nutrients, and climate with ideal temperatures for growing flowers. 

You will be surprised to find that our roses smell like real roses! Although during the preservation process the petals lose their natural rose scent, we add it back so you can stop and smell your rose bouquet day after day.

 Your most memorable and long lasting gift is just a click away! Shop here.